Now: The First Unified Database of Institutions Working in the Nanotechnology inside Mansoura University

A specialized team in CITC has designed and implemented a thorough software program which comprises a unified database of institutions working in the nanotechnology field.

The program includes more than 15 institutions relevant to the field.

The program's objective is to enter all the data of institutions and working teams of every one of them which are relevant to the nanotechnology field as well as available devices and capabilities of every institution.

The system allows for viewing the data of researchers and their curricula vitae with the capability to show their researches published in this field. The system also allows for viewing the agreements signed inside each institution and between each institution and another one having the same specialization. The system allows for communication and interaction between researchers using a specialized app in order to make discussions about a certain topic to exchange opinions and ideas.

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Since 1998, the Center has been concerned with development of infrastructure of the University information network. Now, the network is using the advanced-technology Gigabit Ethernet. The capacity of the link between the University and the Supreme Council of University was increased to 155 Mb/s.... More

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