Design Department

Department Objective

Designing websites for all university institutions (faculties – departments – hospitals – university administration and its subsidiaries) and continuously improving them.

Services provided by the department

Websites Design

The department designs websites pertaining to Mansoura University such as the main website of the University and all websites of the University (faculty – special units – university administrations – hospitals – medical centers) as well as websites for other institutions with technically supporting website administrator.

Cards Printing:

The department prints more than 200 thousand cards every year:

  • Printing the University students ID cards: approximately 150,000 cards
  • Postgraduate students ID cards: approximately 19,000 cards
  • Employees and teaching staff members ID cards: approximately 4,000 cards
  • Nile Club: approximately 8,500 cards
  • Other cards for centers inside and outside the University: approximately 10,000 cards.

Vehicles Permissions:

The department prints all permissions of vehicles which are allowed to enter the University Campus through a software system particularly developed by CITC for this purpose. The system applies all the rules of vehicles entrance set by the University administration. About 8,500 permissions are printed annually.

In addition to that, the department prints permissions of vehicle entering other institutions such as the University hospitals (the University Main Hospital – Children Hospitals - Specialized Medical Hospital – Urology and Nephrology Center – Oncology Center – Ophthalmic Center).

Live Streaming:

  • The department is responsible for live streaming conferences, seminars and events in the University inside and outside the campus.
  • More than 60 surgical operations have been live streamed from more than a surgery room at the same time to auditorium.
  • Live streaming of some places in the University using IP cameras is viewed on the University Website with restricted access to only who are allowed.

Management of the University Display Screen

The department controls the massive display screen of Mansoura University. Due to the special location of the screen which overlooks a main street in Mansoura City, the Center plays an important role in the University and the City as well. Many students and pedestrians can clearly see what is viewed on the screen as well as all the vehicles passing Al-Gomhoria St. which lies in front of main gate of the University. The Display Screen is used to show the following:

  • Health Edification
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Live streaming of the University events
  • Publicizing of conferences

The University Panorama

The department has designed a panorama for the University, its faculties and its hospitals and attached it to the University map and made it available on the University website so that any visitor can wander inside the University through his/her computer, click the following link:

Human Resources

8 specialists are working in the Center as well as 35 working in different locations inside the University (faculties – hospitals – administrations)

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AboutActivities and Achievements.

Since 1998, the Center has been concerned with development of infrastructure of the University information network. Now, the network is using the advanced-technology Gigabit Ethernet. The capacity of the link between the University and the Supreme Council of University was increased to 155 Mb/s.... More

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