Networks and Servers Department

Department Objective

Building advanced network infrastructure to keep up with the demands of Information Age, especially supporting e-management systems.

Department Responsibilities

  • Designing, constructing, administrating, monitoring and maintaining University Information Center.
  • Designing, constructing, administrating, monitoring and maintaining University Computer Network.

Network Statistics

  • No. of Computer Servers: 64 servers (113 virtual servers)
  • Internet Connection Speed: 200 Mbps
  • No. of Distribution Switches: 58
  • No. of Access Switches: 536
  • No. of Wireless Access Points: 462
  • No. of Surveillance IP Camera: 512
  • Total no. of PCs connected to the network: 8048

Services provided by the Network and Servers Department

Internet Connection – VOIP – Websites Hosting – DHCP – DNS – Network Security – SMS – Video Conference – E-mail – IP Camera Surveillance

Human Resources

  • 5 Network and System Administrators
  • 17 Network Engineers
  • 17 Network Technician
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AboutActivities and Achievements.

Since 1998, the Center has been concerned with development of infrastructure of the University information network. Now, the network is using the advanced-technology Gigabit Ethernet. The capacity of the link between the University and the Supreme Council of University was increased to 155 Mb/s.... More

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