Programming and System Developing Department

Department Objective

Building software systems for the purpose of automating administrative work and consequently improving the efficiency of work in the University.

Department Responsibilities

Producing, developing and technical supporting of administrative software systems 

Features of CITC Administrative Software Systems

  • The systems comply to the scientific standards of e-management. The systems are accessed by web browsers through intranet, extranet and the Internet which facilitates communication between any party related to the University.
  • Using open source technologies and developing them for the purpose of national security as well as cost reduction.
  • Using local and international standards and codes if possible such as MARC 21 format for bibliographic data, ICD-10 for diseases classification as well as citizen national ID number, and villages and cities codes
  • Providing all security and privacy requirements as well as protection and encryption of data.
  • Data Integration between different systems without repetition
  • Capability for communicating with other commercial systems if necessary.
  • Capability for fetching data from any devices connected to the network such as biometric devices, cameras, medical analyses devices, radiographic devices and etc.
  • Using recent technologies to communicate with users such as mobile apps and SMS.

Major Systems developed by the Center

  1. Future System for Libraries Management
  2. Al-Farooq System for Human Resources Management
  3. Ibn Al-hitham System for Students’ Affairs Management - Academic Year
  4. Ibn Al-hitham System for Students’ Affairs Management - Credit Hours
  5. Mansoura University System for Graduates’ Affairs Management
  6. Ibn Al-hitham System System for Post graduate Studies
  7. Ibn-Sina System for Patients’ Information Management
  8. Al-Farabi System for Quality Assurance and Accreditation
  9. Al-Zahraa System for University Houses Management
  10. Al-Ameen System for Storehouses and Deposits Management
  11. Special Accounts Management System.
  12. Fees Treasury Management System.
  13. University General Budget Management System
  14. Documents Management and Archiving System
  15. Teaching Staff Members Academic Data Management System
  16. Conferences Management System
  17. Exams e-Management System
  18. Legal Affairs Management System
  19. Computers Network Management System
  20. Infancy Caring System

Governmental Institutions that run CITC systems in Arab Republic of Egypt

  • All governmental universities ( libraries – human resourses – quality – university houses)
  • Faculty of Engineering – Alex University (students affairs – postgraduate studies affairs)
  • Health Administration in Al-Daqahliah Governorate

Private Institutions that run CITC systems in Arab Republic of Egypt

  • Arab Academy for Banking Sciences
  • British University in Cairo
  • Sinai University
  • The High Technological Institute in 10th of Ramadan City
  • Nahda University in Egypt
  • Thebes Academy in Egypt
  • Arab Administration Development Organization
  • The National Council for Women
  • Women and Memory Forum
  • DASCO for Oil Services
  • Alexandria Academy for Accounting Sciences
  • The High Institute for Architecture Engineering
  • Liver Hospital in Sherbeen

Institutions that run CITC systems outside Arab Republic of Egypt

  • King Faisal University in KSA
  • Applied Sciences University in Bahrain
  • Kingdom University in Bahrain

Human Resourses

  • 33 system analysts and developers
  • 41 technical support specialist
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AboutActivities and Achievements.

Since 1998, the Center has been concerned with development of infrastructure of the University information network. Now, the network is using the advanced-technology Gigabit Ethernet. The capacity of the link between the University and the Supreme Council of University was increased to 155 Mb/s.... More

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